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Parents who are looking for childcare can select an option(s) from the list on the left. The results will be shown on the right. For more detailed information on each program (including email addresses, qualifications, etc.) please contact the office either by phone or email. The purpose of our online referrals is to give parents access to child care names during office closures.

For free child care provider referrals, please contact us in one of the following ways:

  1. Phone: 250-762-3536 Ext. 202
  2. Email: resource@childhoodconnections.ca
  3. Website

      All child care programs listed meet the requirements through the BC Provincial Government.
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Watson Road Licensed Care and Preschool

Glenmore - Yates Road, Kelowna, British Columbia



Bankhead Out of School Care Program

Downtown - Wilson Avenue, Kelowna, British Columbia



CEFA Early Learning Kelowna

Downtown - 100-590 McKay Avenue, Kelowna, British Columbia

Stephanie Lapointe


Willowstone Academy

Mission - Lakeshore Road, Kelowna, British Columbia


764-311 x23

Miss Melissa’s Preschool

Glenmore - Naito Court, Kelowna, British Columbia



Polka-Dot-Playhouse Family Childcare

West Kelowna - Galloway Road, West Kelowna, British Columbia



Learn N’ Play Home Daycare

Rutland - Weston Road, Kelowna, British Columbia



Kelly’s Little School House

Rutland - Old Vernon Road, Kelowna, British Columbia



Butterfly Kisses

Rutland - Stearns Road, Kelowna, British Columbia

Amber Nilsson


Panda Bear’s Daycare

West Kelowna - Shannon Place, West Kelowna, British Columbia



138 Results
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Statement of Parental Responsibility

The Child Care Resource and Referral Program is a support and referral service for families and child care providers. The names of the child care providers are provided to families by request and are in no way a recommendation of the service provided by the particular care provider. The parent(s) has the responsibility for ensuring that the child care arrangement ultimately chosen is suitable for the family's needs.

Terms of Use
Use of the services of the Child Care Resource and Referral Program is voluntary. If a family chooses to use any of the services, the family expressly agrees:

~ To assume any and all risks involved in the selection of the child care arrangement;
~ That the Child Care Resource and Referral Program staff and Board of Directors are not responsible for the choice of child care, and
~ That staff and Board of Directors of the Child Care Resource and Referral Program are excluded from any and all liability for negligence arising in connection with the referral services provided, and/or the actions of any child care provider selected by the parent.