Affordable Child Care Benefit (ACCB) – Child Care Subsidy


A child care subsidy or allowance is available to help low income families
in B.C. with the cost of child care.

Click below to Estimate your funding or to apply for funding.

The CCRR is available to help with ACCB by having a qualified staff member assist you with:

  • applying online using the office ipad or computer
  • viewing an existing application online
  • register for a BCEID
  • photocopying
  • printing
  • picking up forms
  • faxing forms/documents
  • scanning forms/documents

Stop by the CCRR office or phone

Who is Eligible?

  • On September 1, 2018, the Affordable Child Care Benefit (ACCB) replaced the Child Care Subsidy. The new funding will help families with the cost of child care, depending on factors like family size, type of care and household income.