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The Childhood Connections Okanagan Family & Child Care Society, is able to provide the following resources to families as part of the Child Care Resource & Referral (CCRR) program and the Central Okanagan Universal Screening Initiative (COUSI).

The CCRR program is funded by the province of British Columbia to improve the quality and accessibility of child care in our community. CCRR programs provide support, resources and referrals for care providers and families, all with a focus of supporting the healthy development of children and families. We are the host organization for the Kelowna Child Care Resource & Referral Program.

Become a Child Care Provider

High-quality child care is extremely important in the lives of children and families. It helps children to develop skills they will need for the rest of their lives; it supports families in their child-rearing role by providing a warm and nurturing environment for their children as well as knowledgeable and empathetic adults who are their willing partners in this enterprise, and it plays an important role in the community’s ability to support the business of living their lives.

The first step in becoming a child care provider is determining what type of care you would like to provide.

License-Not-Required Child Care

A child care provider can look after a maximum of two children in addition to those related to them by blood or marriage without a community care facilities license. This is referred to as license-not-required care or LNR. You can also become a registered license-not-required child care provider or RLNR.
Contact Yvonne, CCRR Program Consultant to begin the Registered License Not Required Process.

Licensed Child Care

In BC anyone providing care for 3 or more children not related to the operator by blood or marriage requires a community care facilities license. Licensed care can take place in an operator’s home (licensed family child care) as well as in a community or commercial setting (licensed group child care). To find out more information regarding licensed child care please contact your local Community Care Facilities licensing office.

Early Childhood Educator

To be qualified to work as a certified Early Childhood Educator (ECE) in B.C., you are required to complete a basic early childhood education training program from an approved training institution.

Responsible Adult

An adult over 19 years of age who has experience working with children, has completed at least 20 hours of training & can provide care and mature guidance to children.


Resources for Opening a Child Care Program

Family Child Care Business Manual

Start Up Grants

Services We Provide to Support You

  • Training opportunities and workshops
  • Your child care listed on our parent referral data base.
  • Assistance with child care subsidy applications
  • Fax machine access
  • Supportive home visits for family child care providers
  • Networking opportunities with other child care providers
  • Access to our Early Childhood Resource Library

Become a Registered License Not Required Provider

Are you currently providing care for two children or thinking about becoming a child care
provider? Consider becoming registered. Registered License Not Required (RLNR) providers can care for a maximum of two children in addition to those related to them by blood or marriage.


  • Your information on our parent referral data base.
  • Access to equipment and resources in the library.
  • A higher rate of subsidy for parents.

Learn More

Universal Screening: Ages & Stages Questionnaire

The Ages & Stages Questionnaires® (ASQ) is parent-completed developmental and social-emotional screeners professionals have trusted for more than 15 years to pinpoint delays as early as possible. The Central Okanagan has adopted the use of ASQ because it is:

  • highly valid, reliable, and accurate.
  • cost-effective.
  • easy to score in just minutes.
  • researched and tested with an unparalleled sample of diverse children.
  • a great way to partner with parents and make the most of their expert knowledge.
  • fun and engaging for kids.

The first 5 years of life are critical developmental years. The sooner that a delay or disability is caught, the sooner the child can be connected with services and supports that make a real difference.

Childhood Connections in partnership with The Central Okanagan Universal Screening Initiative (COUSI) Committee believes that EVERY child should have the opportunity for a FREE Developmental Check-up!

ASQ is currently free to parents and available at locations throughout the community. We also offer training to early development professionals who are interested in being able to administer the questionnaire. For more information or to book your Child’s FREE Developmental Check-up visit the office or call: (250) 762-3536