STORY WALK: Jan 12-22,2024

Book & Park List

All books will be displayed at their respective parks for the week of Jan 12th -22th ,2024



Provided By

“Percy the Purple Penguin “

Written by: Ashley Stone 

Osprey Park

2600 Richter Street , Kelowna,

Childhood Connections
I Can, Too! | Scholastic Canada “I Can, Too”

Written by: By Karen Autio

Illustrated by Laura Watson

Duggan Park 

1494 Bernard ave, Kelowna

The Mitten “The Mitten”

Written by : Jan Brett


Smith Creek Park

3101 Smith Creek Rd, West Kelowna

“The Tree in Me.”

Written  by: Corinna Luyken


South Rutland Elementary School

200 Mallach Rd, Kelowna

Off & Away: Atkinson, Cale, Atkinson, Cale, Atkinson, Cale: 9781484782323: Books -  “Off & Away

Written by: Cale Atkinson


Ballou Park

1859 Ballou Rd, Kelowna


Okanagan Regional Library
“I Love You on Mondays”

Written by: Nadia Neyazi

Rutland Centennial Park

190 McIntosh Rd, Kelowna

Central Okanagan Hub
” Snowmen at Night”

Written by: By Carolyn Buehner

Illustrated by Mark Buehner

Marina Park

4123 Gellantly Rd,

West Kelowna

City of West Kelowna