CEFA Out of School Care Teacher

In 2016, we opened an elite early learning school in our community called CEFA Early Learning McKay Ave. This facility offers an award winning curriculum to children under the age of six. Once children graduate CEFA, they head off to Kindergarten.

As time went on, we had two issues. The first issue was CEFA Early Learning McKay Ave was completely full and we have a lengthy waitlist of children waiting to come. The second issue was once our children headed off to kindergarten, they could no longer attend our amazing program. When we decided to build a second early learning school, we got the idea why not open an outstanding out of school program where children can continue their life long journey with us? This is why we say this is where the adventure begins at Luann Out of School Care.

When children have spent the day in a structured learning environment, we want to give them an opportunity to expand on what they have currently learned and engage in different activities that are interactive, exciting and interesting! Nature is one of our best teachers, so we will be spending time in the great outdoors and bringing nature in with us. We want to help children get ready for life. We do this by being positive role models, setting clear boundaries, teaching life skills and appreciating everyone’s individual abilities. Our goal is for all children to grow, develop and flourish in a positive environment where everyone is accepted, valued and respected.

We opened Luann Out of School Care in September 2020 and it has grown into an amazing program. We now need another Teacher to join our team for the new school year starting in September 2021.

Available Position:

We are currently looking for an Out of School Age Teacher. The position is available for teachers who hold an ECE certificate, ECEA certificate or are a Responsible Adult. A successful candidate with their ECE or ECEA can help out in our sister company (CEFA Early Learning Spall Road) during the day and then switch over into our Out of School Age program at 2pm. This would give them full time hours (37.5 per week). A successful candidate that is a Responsible Adult can sub in our sister company (CEFA Early Learning Spall Road) and would work from 2pm -5:30pm each day and possibly a split shift if we begin offering a morning program before school begins. Our maximum group size is 22 students.

* Class 4 is an asset as we have our own mini bus 🙂


3-1745 Spall Road

Centre’s Hours of Operation:

Summer, Winter, Spring Break & Pro-D Hours: 8am – 5pm
School Operating Hours are 2pm – 5:30pm

* Competitive Wages
* Full Benefits (Medical, Dental, Vision and MSP) after 6 months
* 5 Sick Days per year
* Daily lunch provided for teachers
* Great, positive work environment in a beautiful facility
* Professional Development Days
* 30% Tuition discount for your child(ren)
* Holidays/School Closures:
– 1 week over winter break
– 1 week at the end of the summer

Start Date:
September 7th/2021

Application Procedure:

If Luann Out of School Care seems like a good fit for you, please submit your resume with cover letter to:

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions. I’d be happy to answer them!

Application Dates: 07/13/2021 -
Position: CEFA Out of School Care Teacher
Category: ECE
Location: 3-1745 Spall Road

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