UBCO Early Childhood Educator

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Job Summary
This position requires planning and implementing a safe and rich early care and learning environment for the children within a licensed group child care setting in culturally diverse communities. Educators must be able to adapt to diverse approaches and early childhood pedagogies as led by the individual child care programs.

Job Profile
BCGEU OK Salaried – Early Childhood Educator
Compensation Range
$4,172.13 – $4,340.69 CAD Monthly
Hours of work:  40 hours/week

Organizational Status
Educators work closely with a team of other Early Childhood Educators and receive daily direction from the Lead Early Childhood Educator. Reports directly to Program Manager. This position works within the policies of UBC Okanagan CCS and in partnership with the Educators and the parents and guardians of the children enrolled in the program.

Work Performed

Engages with the British Columbia Early Learning Framework and collaborates together with the other Educators in constructing a creative and inclusive early care and learning environment, thus supporting each child’s emerging abilities.
•Builds a meaningful relationship with all children and maintains an environment respectful of children’s strengths and needs
•Participates in all aspects of the program including routines and transitions
•Models curiosity and celebration of diversity among the children and families and the cultural groups they represent •Directly supervises children using multiple strategies including observation and positive guidance techniques
•Protects and respects the rights of children and the determination of appropriate interventions to ensure the protection of those rights
•Recognizes, documents and takes appropriate action in the case of suspected abuse, illness or accident, ensuring serious incidences are reported to the appropriate authorities and all required documentation is completed
•Promotes the health and safety of all children including ensuring safe food practices and routine infectious control practices are followed
•Engages in reflective practice that includes observation and interpretation of individual children’s activities
Creates and maintains respectful, meaningful and professional relationships with families that reflect the role of the Educator and honour parents and guardians as the primary caregivers.
•Accommodates where possible parents’/guardians’ requests for daily care routines within the context of a licensed group care facility
•Shares information about children’s progress and the program with parents/guardians
•Attends parent meetings
•Attends family functions organized by the program to share information and support strong communities
Advocates for quality child care for individual children and families;
•Supports families in their attempts to access specialized services that may be required for their children
•Keeps informed of current events in the child care sector
•Ensures that information on child care initiatives at UBC Okanagan and in the broader community are available to Educators and parents/guardians
•Welcomes UBC researchers and visitors that may be accessing the child care programs, as long as such inclusion does not adversely affect the program
Assists the Lead Early Childhood Educator with compliance requirements:
•Maintaining and safely storing of records •Ensuring the program is well maintained in a neat, organized, and safe manner indoors and outdoors
•Following all UBC Okanagan CCS Program Policies and Procedures and Health and Safety protocols
Creates caring professional relationships with their colleagues that support the success of all team members and the program:
•Actively taking part in discussions related to program vision, pedagogy, goals and evaluation
•Contributes to staff meeting agendas and attending and participating in staff meetings
•Uses effective communication and collaboration methods to achieve harmonious relationships with all colleagues •Works with all team members to provide guidance to junior Educators and students

Other duties:
•Engages in reflective practice that includes an evaluation of personal success in achieving UBC Okanagan CCS’ goals of pedagogical direction of the program
•Takes part in professional development opportunities and setting personal professional goals that support the on-going successes and growth of the team and Program
•Provides guidance to junior Educators, volunteers and students
•Maintains a professional demeanor at all times, addressing any breaches in professional conduct by their team of Educators including but not limited to;
Appropriate dress and hygiene
Language, voice tone and style of communication
Relationships with UBC colleagues, children and parents/guardians
Appropriate division of personal life and professional life
Confidentiality and protection of privacy
​•Completes any other tasks or requests from the Program Manager, Lead Early Childhood Educator or Associate Director of Child Care Services

Consequence of Error/Judgement
• Lack of attention to safety and emergency procedures and poor communication amongst Educators could result in significant injury to children and/or colleagues

• Poor communication with colleagues could lead to dissatisfaction within the child care team that may affect quality of care and successful retention of Educators

• Lack of participation in ongoing professional development including the examination of contemporary early childhood practices could impact the quality of the programs and lead to client dissatisfaction. Client dissatisfaction could result in lower enrolment.

• Poor, inappropriate or negative communications with parents could lead to client dissatisfaction which could result in withdrawal from our services, lower enrolment and subsequently cause damage to University’s reputation.

Supervision Received
Daily directions provided by the Lead Early Childhood Educator. Reports to the Program Manager. Educators participate in yearly evaluation/goal setting with Program Manager and input from theLead Early ChildhoodEducator in addition to receiving on-going feedback and coaching.

Supervision Given
May support, coach and mentor junior Educators which may include casual Educators, students and/or volunteers as directed by the Lead Early Childhood Educator Program Manager.

Minimum Qualifications

A valid Early Childhood Educator certificate in BC or Special Needs Early Childhood Educator certificate in BC.
Educators must;
Have the ability to establish and maintain harmonious relations with children, parents and program Educators
Have a functional level of spoken and written English skills sufficient to ensure successful communication with program Educators, children and parents/guardians
Demonstrate excellent listening and communication skills
Demonstrate appropriate language, tone of voice and style of communication
Have the ability to use sound judgement, demonstrate patience and be well organized
Have the ability to be creative and imaginative and problem solve while staying positive
Be able to adapt to high level of noise and distractions from children.
Have the ability to engage in moderate physical activity involving walking, standing, bending, lifting children, carrying children, room arrangement (moving shelves, tables etc.).
Have the ability to function independently, under pressure, while managing emergency situations
Recognize they may be exposed to illness while working with children as well as to challenging behaviours in the center.
Maintain confidentiality and protection of privacy at all times
Have the ability to develop relationships with UBC Okanagan colleagues, children and parents and guardians
Show evidence of ongoing professional commitment and development
Hold a current Emergency Child Care First Aid and CPR certificate
Have a valid criminal record check
Be a current ECEBC member
– Willingness to respect diverse perspectives, including perspectives in conflict with one’s own

– Demonstrates a commitment to enhancing one’s own awareness, knowledge, and skills related to equity, diversity, and inclusion

Additional Job Description

Applications from candidates with an ECE-A and ECE-IT certificate are encouraged to apply.



Application Dates: 06/19/2023 - 06/30/2023
Position: UBCO Early Childhood Educator
Category: ECE
Location: 1262 Discovery Avenue

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