Nourish Families Updates

December 21, 2020

Our staff and volunteers in our Nourish program have been hard at work these last few weeks. In addition to the generous donation from St. Paul’s church which is providing all of our families a holiday meal, we were also given toys to gift all of the children! The West Kelowna Daybreak Rotary raised over $22,000 for their Rudolf Dine Out Day for the Westside Salvation Army, and we were thankful recipients of toys purchased with the funds raised! Staff and volunteers have spent many hours handpicking gifts for our families and beautifully wrapping them to be delivered late this week. We are truly feeling the magic of Christmas in our office and are so excited our families will now have wonderful gifts for their children under the tree this year!

In addition to these wonderful donations, we have received nearly $1500 in individual donations in December alone. We are truly thankful for all of the community support this program has seen and hope the gift of giving can continue all year long.

We are also now selling nourish gift cards. They are a perfect gift for a friend or loved one. One local company even purchased them for over 100 of their employees! Every gift card purchased provides a free meal for your giftee while still providing a second meal to a family in need! Check it out on our order page!


November 27, 2020

Here is our Winter update for Nourish Families Initiative. We are so grateful to our partners and our community. This program has exceeded all our expectations. Our Nourish Family Initiative Program has been running since June 2020. Since that time,  our program has supported 52 families with nearly 900 weekly meals, as well as produce and bread donations. We have also provided numerous child development resources and parenting programs to some of our families.

This Holiday season we are so excited to offer both our current and past families a special delivery. Thanks to a generous donation from Minister Ivy Thomas and Linda Hutchinson at St. Paul’s Church, we will be delivering a special holiday meal for our families to enjoy.

We thank all of you for your continued support and meal purchases. Without you, this program wouldn’t be what it has become today. Please visit our Nourish Families page for more information, programs updates, and of course, to purchase your weekly meal.

Thanks for reading our Nourish Families Winter update,

Happy Holidays everyone!