Nourish Families Initiative

Nourish Families LogoNourish Families Initiative was created by Vicky Wallace, a local parent and Play Therapist, at the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis in March 2020. The program works by providing a free meal to a family-in-need for every meal that is purchased by a community member. In the beginning, Nourish Families initiative was a small social enterprise; generating business to closed restaurants, reducing food-prep and grocery shopping for community families and providing free meals to families who had been hit the hardest by Covid.

This model worked so well that it was too much for a single person to handle! In June of 2020, Childhood Connections took on this program with Vicky as a program consultant. We’ve now had 5 different meal partners (and counting!) to provide multiple weekly menu options and are providing meals to families-in-need on a weekly basis!

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How Do I Order?

It’s easy! Click the order now button at the top of the page and it will bring you straight to the order page. Select from the weekly options in featured meals, add to cart, and go to checkout. This will automatically generate a second meal for a family in need! You may also add any number of our partner products to your cart. From homemade salad dressing to artisan puzzles; delivery is free with the purchase of a meal or a donation. All proceeds from our partner products are put directly back into Nourish Families Initiative. New menus are posted weekly on Thursdays and ordering is open until the following Tuesday.

All meals are delivered to your door! *(Currently serving Peachland to Lake Country)
Deliveries are made weekly on Thursdays between 3:30-5:00 PM

I Could Benefit From This Program

or I Know A Family Who Would

If you or someone you know is struggling during this time and could benefit from weekly meals or other family supports, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Families may be referred by a community agency, their child care provider or even self-refer. We will happily do a short intake interview over email or phone to add you to our waitlist if you aren’t connected to a comunity agency. Once off the waitlist, families will spend 6 weeks in the program receiving weekly meals for their families. We will conduct an exit interview after 6 weeks with the option to be added back to the waitlist. In addition to weekly meals, we are able to provide other family supports, such as toy and resource borrowing and family education programs*. The referral form can be found at the top of the page under the “refer a family” button. Please review it to see the qualifications or to apply.

*Our parent education programs are currently on hold due to Covid.

Can I Volunteer?

Absolutely! Nourish Families Initiative relies on our dedicated volunteers to keep the program running smoothly. Our volunteers do all deliveries for purchased meals and are a valued part of this program! Because of these passionate individuals, we are able to put more funds into feeding families, instead of paying drivers. If you’d like to become a valued member of our team, please contact Sylvia, our volunteer coordinator.

What’s A Meal Partner?

Meal Partners can include many number of businesses. We’ve partnered with restaurants, food trucks, and catering companies! Each week our meal partners choose a meal for our menu around $20-$30. All meals are to be family-style and serve 4 people. Each meal is sold for $40-$50, which provides us the funds to purchase a second meal for a family-in-need. We provide our meal partners with order numbers on Tuesday afternoons and we pickup all meals on Thursday afternoons; meal partners are able to set their own order limits. If you are licensed to serve food, you can partner with us! If you are interested, please email Nicole for more information.

Every meal ordered provides a second meal to a family in need!