Registered Licensed Not Required (RLNR)


We are here to support you in providing a quality Family Child Care program. If you would like to care for two children plus your own, register with our Child Care Resource and Referral Program (CCRR), and we will guide you through the standards set out by the BC Provincial Government. Here are some great resources to get you started.


License-Not-Required Child Care

A child care provider can look after a maximum of two children in addition to those related to them by blood or marriage without a community care facilities license. This is referred to as license-not-required care or LNR. You can also become a registered license-not-required child care provider or RLNR. You can operate as an RLNR in  by registering with Child Care Resource & Referral.

Learn more about the registration process and the benefits of becoming a RLNR.

Licensed Child Care

In BC anyone providing care for 3 or more children not related to the operator by blood or marriage requires a community care facilities license. Licensed care can take place in an operator’s home (licensed family child care) as well as in a community or commercial setting (licensed group child care). To find out more information regarding licensed child care please contact your local Community Care Facilities licensing office.


The Family Child Care Business Manual  has been developed specifically for Licensed Family Child Care providers and License-Not-Required child care providers registered with a Child Care Resource and Referral (CCRR) program in British Columbia. This Manual provides an overview and practical information for the provision of quality family child care for both new and experienced family child care providers. The manual will provide you with sample forms for your business. We hope you will find it a valuable tool in your professional work.


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