Unit 11.2 Illness/Wellness policy SAMPLE

The health and well-being of the children is my first concern. In order to promote a healthy environment I will undertake to ensure;

  • Proper hygiene is maintained
  • Universal precautions are used for handling all bodily fluids
  • Proper hand washing techniques are used by all children and adults • Families are informed of any outbreak of a contagious disease

Families are advised to keep their child at home or to seek alternate care arrangements for the following conditions:

  • Pain – any complaints of unexplained or undiagnosed pain.
  • A common cold with listlessness, runny nose and eyes, coughing and sore throat. Once the child’s temperature, well-being and energy have returned to normal, the child may no longer be contagious, and may be able to return to the child care even though coughing and runny nose may persist. If the symptoms (runny nose and eyes, coughing) are caused by a known allergy (e.g. hay fever, asthma) the child is not contagious and does not have to be excluded.
  • Difficulty in breathing – wheezing or a persistent cough.
  • Fever (1OO degrees F/38.3 degrees C or more)
  • Sore throat or trouble swallowing.
  • Infected skin or eyes, or an undiagnosed rash.
  • Headache and stiff neck (should see physician).
  • Unexplained diarrhea or loose stool (may or may not be combined with nausea, vomiting or stomach cramps). These symptoms may indicate a bacterial or viral gastrointestinal infection which is very easily passed from one child to another via the fecal-oral route. The child should be kept home until all symptoms have stopped.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Severe itching, dry skin of either body or scalp if caused by head or body lice or scabies.
  • Children with known or suspected communicable diseases. A doctor’s note may be required before the child can return.

In Summary, a child must be kept at home (or taken home) when the child:

  • Is suffering from one or more of the above symptoms, or
  • Is not well enough to take part in the regular activities of the program.

Ultimately, the care of a child who is ill is the parent’s responsibility.

If your child becomes ill at child care, I will call you or your alternate to come and pick up the child. I will endeavor to keep the child quiet and comfortable until you arrive. If I feel it is an emergency situation, I will call an ambulance for the child and contact you or your alternate immediately.

If I am too ill to care for the children, or my children are contagious, the child care program will be closed. I will endeavor to give you as much notice as possible and you will not be charged for days where I cannot provide care. It is your responsibility to make alternative child care arrangements.