Unit 11.4 Emergency evacuation policy SAMPLE

There is an emergency evacuation policy that is reviewed, practiced, and recorded on a regular basis.

In preparing for emergency situations

  • Smoke alarms will be tested monthly.
  • A first aid kit, an attendance record, a pen or pencil, and an emergency information card for each child and each staff member is kept beside the exit door for quick and easy access.
  • Emergency supplies, including water and food will be kept in an accessible place. The supplies will be checked and rotated on a regular schedule.
  • A buddy system will be adopted and practiced regardless of the number of children in the facility.
  • All staff will know how to work the fire extinguishers, shut off gas lines, hydro, water and furnace.
  • Children will be taught what to do in the case of fire, earthquake and other emergencies. Evacuation drills will be practiced.
  • A simple diagram of exit paths from the building to the meeting place will be posted along with all emergency phone numbers.
  • The designated meeting place outside the building will be assigned.