Unit 11.5 Emergency preparedness policy SAMPLE

As I am committed to provide a safe and healthy environment for all of the children I am prepared and have implemented the following steps:

  • Eliminating or at least minimizing any hazards/risks
  • Ensuring a current First Aid training
  • Orienting all family members and substitutes in emergency procedures
  • Being prepared for all types of emergencies, including fire, earthquakes, floods, ice storms, lack of electrical, water and/or heat providing resources for all types of emergencies
  • The emergency equipment bag with the cell phone and First Aid kit are stored beside the designated safe space in the large play room.

If evacuation is required we will follow the steps in our emergency evacuation policy.

In case of an Earthquake our first action will be getting to and remaining in a safe place within our child care. These are our priorities:

  • Access the emergency equipment bag and proceed to the nearest safe place collecting as many children as possible
  • Locate all children and call all other children to you or direct them to the closet safe place
  • Count the number of children to determine if anyone is not accounted for
  • If there is a gas leak, evacuate with the children
  • Provide first aid if necessary
  • Listen to the radio for directions
  • Use the phone only if there are life threatening injuries and for one out of province call to report our status
  • Wait until it is safe to evacuate

After the emergency a debriefing and a follow up will be implemented.

  • Parents will be asked to participate in the discussion and to debrief with their children to support children’s emotional safety after the disaster
  • Insurance company will be notified
  • A report to licensing will be submitted