Unit 11.6 Missing child policy SAMPLE

I anticipate no such incidents, but as a precaution I have instituted the following procedures:

  • As soon as I realize that a child in my care is missing from the group, I will secure the other children with a responsible adult and begin a search of the immediate area.
  • After two minutes, I will expand the search area. If we are in a public building, I will have the child paged if possible.
  • Get as many people involved as I can in the search.
  • After five minutes, I will call the police and inform them of the child’s name, age, weight, height, clothing and footwear and record the file number that the police will give me.
  • Then I will call the parents to inform them of what has happened, what is being done, and that I will call them back in a few minutes to update them.
  • When the child is found, I will contact the parent/guardian, alert everyone else involved, hold a debriefing as soon as possible
  • As a follow-up, I would assess the problem and make changes, if necessary, to avoid the risk of a similar incident. As well, I would further educate the children in my care about the importance of staying with the group.


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