Unit 11.7 Child abuse policy SAMPLE

I have the legal obligation to report any concern regarding the child’s safety or well-being to the Ministry of Child and Family Development (MCFD).

Generally, circumstances which a child may need protection include:

  • Physical harm or neglect
  • Sexual abuse or sexual exploitation
  • Emotional harm

If I have reason to believe a child may need protection or if a child is disclosing abuse to me I will:

  • Listen carefully to what the child says
  • Be attentive to his/her behaviour
  • Show my concern
  • Make note of anything the child says or that might indicate abuse, including physical signs such as bruises, including the date
  • Phone the local authorities

To alleviate concerns that you may have I have implemented the following procedures:

  • I and every person over the age of 12 years living in my house have received a criminal record search review
  • My substitute will have a criminal record check search too, and a reference check
  • I have a guidance policy in place
  • Parents are informed of any changes to my child care
  • Every effort is made for the parents to meet my substitute in person
  • Daily attendance records are kept