Unit 2.6 What Would You Do If…?

Children may begin to show signs of illness while they are in your care. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide if the situation can wait until the end of the day, or if you should call the parent right away. Sometimes it is very clear to call for emergency help.

Read the common scenarios below and decide which action you would take

1. Call for emergency help.
2. Call the parent immediately.
3. Wait until the parent picks up the child, then giving them the information.

Discuss why

Maria is 4 years old. She arrives at child care in an unusually quiet mood. She looks pale, but there is no sign of a fever. She eats normally at snack time and a few minutes later she throws up.

20 months old Ryan wakes up from his nap crying. He is rubbing his ear and seems very warm. When you take his temperature, it reads 39o Celsius (102o Fahrenheit.)

Kelly is 6 years old, and has vomited for the second time in two hours. He has not had anything to eat or drink all day. He is also beginning to get diarrhea.

Mitch is 10 months old. When you change his diaper, you notice a rash on his tummy. He doesn’t seem ill, although he has had a runny nose for a couple of days.

Angela is 2-1/2 and has enjoyed a normal day of pleasant activities. Although she has been dependably toilet trained for 6 months, during nap time she soils her pants. When you clean her up, you notice she has had a very loose bowel movement.

For further information and guidelines please review the BC Health brochures: