Unit 4.4 Child release safety

Release a child only to the parent/guardian or any other person, of at least 19 years of age, authorized on the child release form.

A child release form is a form a parent filled out at registration to give permission for other family members or friends, to pick up their child in case of an emergency or other situation, when the parent is not available to pick up their child on time.

If you have never met the person authorized to pick up the child, the person has to identify themselves with a current picture ID.

Never release a child to a person appearing incapable of providing safe care to the child.

A person appearing under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or seems in a state of shock is not capable to provide safe care for a child. Should a person in such an unsafe state arrive to pick up a child, try to make the person comfortable and offer to call an alternative person to pick up both the adult and the child.

Do not threaten or argue. In non-negotiable situations call the police for further instructions.

Some families have a court order in regards to access or custody to the child. If such an order exists, a copy of the order must be kept on file for “enforceability”.

A child care setting must have a “Child Release” or “Pick-up” policy. This policy is part of the parent handbook.