Unit 9.4 What do children learn

Puzzles, beads, pegs

Eye-hand coordination
Small muscle development Colours
Size and spatial relationships

Blocks, accessory toys, wooden trains, etc.

Eye-hand coordination Balance
Recognition of 3-D shapes Number concepts Dramatic play

Clay, finger-painting, playdough


Sensory experience Experimentation
Small muscle development Tension outlet

Creative arts: cutting, pasting, collage, crayoning, easel painting

Creative expression
Small muscle development Left-right orientation Colour discrimination Shape exploration

Climbing equipment

Large muscle development Coordination Self-confidence


Observing nature and animals, planting seeds, science

Curiosity about world Observation skills

Storytelling, books, flannel board stories

Language & memory development Left to right orientation
Listening skills
Appreciation of books

Music, movement activities

Sound and rhythm discrimination Vocabulary, speech development Body part awareness
Left and right awareness

Music appreciation


Housekeeping corner

Life roles
Emotional expression Social experience Imaginative experience


Texture play (cornmeal/sand etc.)

Sensory experimentation Number-volume concepts Satisfaction in solitary or parallel play Small muscle development


Picking up toys

Self –confidence Categorization Sense of orderliness