Victims & Survivors of Crime Week

Nov 14-20, 2021 is Victims and Survivors of Crime Week!

Victims and Survivors of Crime Week, funded by the Department of Justice Canada, strives to raise awareness, and create a discussion around the issues facing victims and survivors of crime. This year, the Child Advocacy Centre of Kelowna has joined the conversation, putting the spotlight on children.

On behalf of the CAC of Kelowna, we are inviting you to engage in this dialogue, learn, and expand partnerships.

The Child Advocacy Centre has created a booklet designed for service providers entitled “Creating a Safer Community for Kids.” The booklet discusses:
1. Signs of Abuse
2. Responding to a Disclosure
3. Reporting Suspected Abuse
4. Being a Safe Adult for Kids
5. Taking Care of Ourselves

If you are interested in receiving a free PDF or printed version of this booklet, and/or connecting with the CAC to tour their space, please reach out to their Resilient Families Coordinator, Jocelyn Lynett, at