Universal Screening: Ages & Stages Questionnaire


How can we give children the best start in life?
Catch delays early by using developmental and social-emotional screeners.


The Ages & Stages Questionnaires® (ASQ) is parent-completed developmental and social-emotional screeners professionals have trusted for more than 15 years to pinpoint delays as early as possible. The Central Okanagan has adopted the use of ASQ because it is:

  • highly valid, reliable, and accurate
  • cost-effective
  • easy to score in just minutes
  • researched and tested with an unparalleled sample of diverse children
  • a great way to partner with parents and make the most of their expert knowledge
  • fun and engaging for kids

The first 5 years of life are critical developmental years. The sooner that a delay or disability is caught, the sooner the child can be connected with services and supports that make a real difference.

Childhood Connections in partnership with The Central Okanagan Universal Screening Initiative (COUSI) Committee believes that EVERY child should have the opportunity for a FREE Developmental Check-up!

ASQ is currently free to parents and available at locations throughout the community. We also offer training to early development professionals who are interested in being able to administer the questionnaire. For more information or to book your Child’s FREE Developmental Check-up contact us.